Cigarette Paper Flat Booklet

In this section, specially developed Flexo machines print, sort and cut paper. The rest of the operations are then carried out manually by experienced, highly skilled workers, using ingenious tools designed in-house, which enable them to achieve superior productivity and quality. As for packaging, it is partly automated using specialised machines and partly manual.                       

A fully automated machine is currently being developed within the company; it will be able to print, cut, insert and produce a complete flat booklet.

The production capacity is more than 120,000,000 booklets per year.

The quality of our cigarette paper varies according to the needs of consumers in the market: Paper qualities can be different from hemp and Flex, textile pulp, Flex, wood and mixed qualities with slow burning paper characteristics.

Upon request for own brand names, AFPC is ready to manufacture a broad range of different quality products with different specs to accommodate all the many smoking preferences.

Flat Book regular size

Flat Book King size